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Everything you need to know about passing your theory and practical driving test.

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Car insurance for female drivers

Men and women will always argue over who are the better drivers, but there`s no doubt about who gets the best deal on their car insurance.

According to research by a comparison website in 2009, men pay an average of 71 per cent more than women for their cover. However, if you`re a female driver do you know how to capitalise on this gulf and secure the best available deal?

Why women get cheaper car insurance

Women get cheaper car insurance because men make more claims. As such women are viewed as safer to insure by many insurance companies and more mature in the way they drive, leading to cheaper premiums.

How to find the best deal – understand the jargon

Before searching for car insurance, female drivers should familiarise themselves with some of the common jargon so they know what to look for from a policy:

– Exclusions: Circumstances in which an insurer will not pay out.

– Excess: This is your contribution towards a claim and is usually divided into a compulsory excess set by the insurer and a voluntary excess, which is an additional amount you agree to pay at the outset in case a claim is necessary.

– No-claims bonuses: This is a reward for every year you go without making a claim and could be worth as much as 60 per cent off your premiums after four or more years. Remember these are `no-claims` bonuses not `no blame` bonuses – meaning that you may lose part of your no-claims bonus for any claim made even if the accident wasn`t your fault. It may also be possible to protect your no-claims bonus for an additional premium.

How to find the best deal – consider the specialists

As women have a better driving record than men, several insurers, including Sheila`s Wheels, Ladybird and Diamond, target their products at female drivers. They may include policy features designed for women such as:

– Child seat cover: A replacement child seat in the event of an accident.

– Handbag cover: Cover for the contents of your handbag up to a pre-determined limit.

– Mobile phone locator: If you are unsure of your location following an accident, a mobile phone locator can help track you.

– Priority breakdown service: An assurance that female drivers are given priority in case of a breakdown.

However, while these specialist policies are well worth considering don`t automatically assume they are the cheapest. You should still compare them alongside conventional policies to find the deal that offers the most value for money.

How to find the best deal – lower premiums

Remember that insurers base premiums on perceived risk and while women are deemed less of a risk than men there are still additional steps they can take to bring premiums down:

– Agree to a mileage cap: Some insurers will lower premiums if you agree to only drive a certain number of miles each year.

– Boost security: Reduce the risk of theft with insurer-approved alarms, immobilisers, tracking devices and by parking in a garage overnight.

– Drive safely: Avoid accidents and convictions and build up a no-claims discount.

– Increase excess: Raise your voluntary excess to lower premiums but keep it at an affordable level.

– Pay annually: You can avoid interest charges by paying premiums annually.

Perhaps the key to saving money on car insurance, however, is to compare quotes with a comparison website allowing you to gain an overview of the policies available. This is particularly important if you are looking for young drivers car insurance with 18-year-old females typically paying £1,237.33 a year on premiums