Pass_Plus_LogoPass plus is a course that ‘Ready Steady Go’ driving school together with the DSA would highly recommend for all new drivers.

The course is voluntary for new drivers and it is encouraged and supported by most local authorities. It makes the new driver aware of road conditions that may not have been covered when first learning to drive.

There are 6 modules:

  • Motorway driving
  • Town driving
  • Night driving
  • All weather driving
  • Out of town driving
  • Rural road driving

It will take 6 hours of your time to give you more road confidence and covering safety issues. We will add in planning a journey the most eco-friendly way.

There is no test, the new driver is assessed by the instructor and then the assessment report is sent to the DSA, they, in turn, will send the new driver back a certificate, and with that, you are eligible for cheaper car insurance.

The hourly charge is £30 per hour.

This is a course that ‘Ready Steady Go’ driving school highly recommend as it will make the new driver more road aware, and will provide them with skills for continuous safe driving.